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Visual Arts Projects

Browse the list below for details of projects by Audiences London with the visual arts sector to support understanding and engagement with audiences. Follow the links to find more information and to click through to resources and reports related to the projects.


Understanding audiences for Visual Arts stage 1 > 
February - August 2008

Research amongst London galleries to establish what audience information they collect, how they use it and how they could be supported to do so more effectively, together with analysing existing audience research data provided by the galleries. The project led to the development of a survey-based equivalent of Snapshot for the visual arts (seeSnapshot London: Visual Arts). 

National Visual Arts Audience Benchmarking Pilot > 
January 2011 - March 2012

Audiences London is coordinating with the Turning Point network a national visual arts audience benchmarking project. This is based on the model that Audiences London has established with London galleries and now includes 76 galleries across several regions.

National Visual Arts Audience Benchmarking Pilot South West >
January 2011 - March 2012
Further details of this project for the South West Turning Point Network.

Snapshot: Visual Arts > 
November 2008 - ongoing

Following on from Audiences for the Visual Arts - stage 1, this audience analysis and data-sharing programme has now grown to include 24 key visual arts organisations and combines data from over 14,000 interviews, creating an in-depth picture of London's visual arts audience. It has now become one of our core services.

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