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From data to wisdom

We all know research into our audiences and the wider potential market is crucial – but just having the data isn’t enough.

Audiences London were proactive, supportive and never stuck for an answer.

Clare Roebuck, Marketing Manager , Camden Arts Centre, 2009

To really gain value from your research, you need to be able to see it in context and understand what the research findings are telling you, before you can know how and when to act.That's what our background research, sector insights, surgeries and consultancy can give you. We call it the DIKW Hierarchy:

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Audiences London Plus's role is to guide and inform you through this journey.

Audiences London's role


Here's just one example:

Data tells us: 70% of our audience only attended once last year.
Action without information and knowledge might lead us to ... offer more and better incentives to encourage this large group to come back.
Information about the context tells us ... But that's a relatively high level of repeat attenders in London; 78% of ALL audiences only attended once.
So our new wisdom suggests ... we should try reviving work popular with our audiences - there's less risk than we thought of alienating regulars.