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Who we work with

Who we work with

We have now become The Audience Agency in alliance with All About Audiences. We work with a wide range of organisations from individual arts and heritage organisations to funders and policy makers. Please visit The Audience Agency website for more information about our work as the national audience development agency for England. 

Creating a national audience development agency
We are on our way to forming this agency, and currently as Audiences London Plus we're working across London, the South West, the South East and Eastern regions, with Associates located in each place.  Through 2012 we're also working together with our partner All About Audiences in Manchester to form the new organisation to serve England as a whole. 

For full details read our latest press release.

Strategic partnerships
In the area of funding, cultural strategy and policy making, we work in partnership with the Central Arts Partnership, Mayor of London, Film London and of course Arts Council England, now also working to support Museums and Libraries. We also work with many local authorities acroos the regions and in London.