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Data Analysis and profiling

A common starting pointforgreat audience development is to put together a picture of your audiences ? to help you understand their profile, motivations, levels of engagement in all their complexities and similarities. This information can then be used to set objectives and KPIs and to measure and monitor.

Analyse your data
Your box office data or mailing list holds a goldmine of information based on postcodes. Our tools help build a picture of attender demographics, lifestyles, cultural and other preferences, socio-economic status and levels of arts engagement. Each tool is more or less useful for increasing understanding, segmentationand targeting, and we can recommend the best one or combination for you. A great starting point for developing targeted campaigns, tailoring communications messages, setting and measuring KPIs and illustrating your reach. You could then go on to do more focused primary research to answer more specific questions about attitudes, motivations and engagement.

What we need: A set of patron data with full addresses (including full postcodes) - all of which is kept fully confidential.

Catchment area analysis
This is about understanding the geographic area around your organisation from which you draw the majority of your attenders. We?ll help you to find out the extent and shape of this area by mapping your data, and/or using profiling tools to describe and illustrate hot and cold spots and areas of most potential to help you extend your reach and identify new areas to tap into.

What we need: A description of the area you are interested in ? postcodes, drive-time/drive-distance from your venue, or a Local Authority area.

What you get: Reports and/or mapping to help you describe and visualise your existing or potential audiences along with analysis and interpretation to help you to understand what the data is telling you and how to put it to work.

Profiling tools:

Area Profile Reports and Arts Audiences: Insight profiling are free to NPOs (see links above for details), if you're looking for more interpretation and insights from your data prices for data analysis and profiling using a range of tools start from 475+VAT and surgery sessions from 320+VAT

Audiences London?s data-sharing projects:
Get more value from your data by participating in data-sharing projects like Snapshot London which enable you to benchmark your audiences in the context of a London-wide picture, as well as giving an ongoing picture of your own audiences.