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Audience Research

Our audience research services to enable you to fully understand existing and potential audiences. Whether you're just starting out and need a general understanding, or well on your way to a full and nuanced picture, we tailor our services so that the audience information you collect can be put to work immediately to better monitor, engage or reach your audiences.

Whether you're looking for a full service, support with tools and techniques or simple advice to get you going, we'll take the hassle out of collecting information about your audiences. Just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Our services cover:

  • Quantitative Research ? If you want to find out more about your audiences to enable you to give them the right kind of service, then we can help with setting up, managing, designing and analysing e-surveys, onsite surveys (in-venue and outdoor) or street surveys. Whether one-off or ongoing audience monitoring, this essential research helps you to allocate resources to where they can have the greatest impact and measure/monitor experience and engagement.
  • Qualitative Research ? For more in-depth information about why people do or think differently, we offer the full range of methodologies ? involving telephone or face-to-face interviews and focus groups, as well as more flexible ways of gaining feedback suitable to your event or context.
  • Data-sharing and benchmarking - We can help put your audience information in context through projects like Snapshot London Performing and Visual Arts.
  • Free resources - see the column on the right for examples of reserach resources available on our website.


Packages include:

Research surgery
Focused support to discuss all your audience research needs and plan your next steps.

Audience Monitoring Surgery
We'll help you set up a cost-effective DIY audience monitoring plan to help you track audience engagement, experience, demographics - essential for measures for your KPIs. 

Introduction to Data Analysis Surgery
Find out which tools are most useful for understanding your audiences, identifying potential and illustrating your data.

Questionnaire expert surgery
Intensive surgery to ensure your audience questionnaire is the best it can be.

Fieldworker training
Train your staff and volunteers to do face-to-face visitor research for you.

Our Data Analysis services are also a great starting point for understanding your audiences, and can ensure that any further primary research really focuses in on the essential questions.