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An Audiences London Subscription provides your whole organisation with all the audience development support and resources that you could need.

Subscriber benefits

  • Audience development support and advice by telephone or in person.
  • Access to Audiences London's resources on and off-line including project reports, resources, marketing information and directory of services/contacts.
  • Priority access to Audiences London's collaborative and strategic projects.
  • Discounts on all services, events and training.
  • Only Audiences London Subscribers can be Snapshot London participants.
  • Subscribers help to set Audiences London's agenda.

So, we recommend Subscription if...

  • you and your colleagues plan to use 2 or more services over the year.
  • at least one person in your organisation has a focus on audience development and/or marketing.
  • you would like access a range of our research findings, reports and tool-kits.
  • you would like to be involved in or initiate one of our collaborative projects.
  • your organisation is focusing on audience development at the moment.

Subscription is based on the turnover of your organisation, pricing levels are currently set to:

Gross turnover Annual Subscription rate*
Touring Companies under £100,000 £95
Under £100,000 £150
Between £101,000 - £400,000 £300
£401,000 - £2.5 million £450
£2.5 million £850

*Please note, subscription fees are subject to VAT.

You can also download or view our services brochure online by following the links on the right of this page. This has further details of subscription, our services and our rate card.

If you think Subscription would be of benefit to your organisation, just fill out this form and we'll be in touch:

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Gross Turnover  Touring Companies under £100,000   under £100,000   between £101,000 - £400,000   £401,000 - £2.5 million   £2.5 million or more 

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